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Informal Speaking Contest

We are not currently accepting entries. May 14, 2018 will be the first date of National Speaking Week 2018.

Too often, when people think of speaking, they think of Public Speaking: some big talk in front of a big audience. Most speaking is not like that. We want to see “regular” speaking in action. Do you have students speaking well as they peer edit? As they discuss? In Socratic or Platonic Seminars? In other normal situations? We want to see examples of effective oral communication in all of these. Send a link to a YouTube video of your students speaking well in the course of normal classroom activities.

Send a link to your video (YouTube, Vimeo, other) along with your contact information here to enter the contest. Winners will be notified by email. Winning videos will be posted on the National Speaking Week website if proper permissions are granted. Brought to you by Stenhouse Publishers!

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