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Literacy Work Stations for
Speaking, Listening, & Language

(Excerpt from Growing Independent Learners)

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Lit work stations

Elementary School Persuasive Speech Unit

Plymouth Massachusetts has provided lessons for their district’s 3rd grade persuasive speech unit. How to write an opinion piece and how to deliver a persuasive speech are included here.



From the website:

“Listening is powerful. Why practice listening? Because listening comprehension is fundamental to literacy.”

In addition to listening for comprehension, we believe the podcasts at the site offer opportunities for listening for analyzing speaking skills. Don’t just listen for information, listen for how the information is presented.


From the website:

“With you can upload just your slides, add audio, add video, or just upload or record a video all with the same account, and all from the same place.”

Imagine students creating a slideshow and then recording themselves presenting the slideshow–slides on one side of the screen; video of child talking on the other side of the screen.