Resources for Students

Checklists for creating & delivering talks

Before students speak, have them use this form to prepare the talk: ACOVA

As they present, have them use this form to evaluate themselves: PVLEGS checklist

Perf checklist

Organizer for creating & delivering talks

A South Carolina English teacher hands this out to help students prepare their presentations: PresentationOrganizer

Presentation organizer

Tools for recording rough drafts

It is common to do a rough draft of a paper before handing in a final. Students should record the rough draft of a talk before any presentation. Practice readers’ theater, newscasts, research presentation, and all the other types of speaking. Use:

Photo Booth on Mac devices

Smartphone recording apps

Google Voice (Teachers with Gmail accounts can set this up for free)

Webcam on Chromebooks, PCs

Make better videos and podcasts.

You don’t make a great podcast or video by just hitting Record. Read this selection to get ideas about how to create better recordings. (Video and audio examples are included in the reading.)

Click here: Pages from DigitallySpeaking



Tired of making PowerPoint presentations? Try Think of it as Fill-in-the-Blank slides that guide you to build winning presentations: main point slide followed by evidence slides, and so on. And a bank of images you can add to your slides is included!