Resources for Teachers

Instructional Video (Available Streaming or DVD)

Listen Up! Speaking Matters VideoVeteran teacher and author, Erik Palmer, presents an approach to teaching speaking skills that is focused on preparing students for 21st century communication both inside and beyond the classroom. You’ll visit elementary, middle, and high school classrooms where teachers are guiding and assessing students in collaborative discussions, media literacy, questioning and reasoning, speech presentation, effective multimedia use, and adapting speech to different content and tasks.

Well Spoken

All teachers at all grade levels in all subjects have speaking assignments for students, but many teachers believe they don’t know how to teach speaking, and many even fear public speaking themselves. In this thoughtful and engaging book, veteran teacher and education consultant Erik Palmer shares the art of teaching speaking in any classroom.

Academic convo

Where would we be without conversation? Throughout history, conversations have allowed us to see different perspectives, build ideas, and solve problems. Conversations, particularly those referred to in this book as academic conversations, push students to think and learn in lasting ways. Academic conversations are back-and-forth dialogues in which students focus on a topic and explore it by building, challenging, and negotiating relevant ideas.

Literacy Work Stations for
Speaking, Listening, & Language

Read the selection “Literacy Work Stations,” an excerpt from Growing Independent Learners.

Making a strong point

Though not specifically designed for teachers, this book helps in ensuring that student speeches have a strong point. A former student national champion public speaker, TIME for Kids executive, and now a professional speechwriter and public speaking coach, the author, Joel Schwartzberg, argues that “points” are too often confused with topics, titles, and themes, rendering talks “pointless.”

Elementary School Persuasive Speech Unit

Plymouth Massachusetts has provided lessons for their district’s 3rd grade persuasive speech unit. How to write an opinion piece and how to deliver a persuasive speech are included here.

Why don’t schools teach speaking?


Voice 21 is an organization in the UK committed to expanding emphasis on oral communication. This link will take you to their report which discusses in depth the issues facing educators committed to improving speaking skills.