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The Last Word

Hebron Academy in Hebron, Maine has an ambitious program to make all students competent speakers. It is described this way:

“Hebron Academy’s Words Program:

Who does all the talking at your school? 

At Hebron Academy, we have placed focus on a student-centered public speaking initiative called the “Words Program.” Starting with the First Word, given by freshman to a group of 15 peers, and culminating with seniors and postgraduates giving their Last Word to the entire school community.

The First Word Freshmen learn the fundamentals of good public speaking

The Next Word  The sophomores follow a fast-paced multi-media format. The focus is on the student performance.

Another WordJuniors follow two paths. New Juniors present words of others through monologues while returning juniors learn the art of speaking as a member of a panel.

The Last WordSeniors to speak to a topic of their choice that is personal and meaningful and share it publicly.”

Contact Lissa Gumprecht at Hebron Academy to learn more about their oral communication commitment.

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